Come fly with us and be amazed by the majestic construction of the Cahuachi pyramids, ancient buildings shaped as pyramids made of mud; Cahuachi was the capitol of ancient Nazcans, featuring pyramidal temples and constructions. The Nazca Lines Discovery takes 45 minutes in the air. Beginning with the flight, we will show you 16 figures of the classic Nazca Lines like the monkey (90 meters long), the hummingbird (93 meters long), the flower (60 meters long), the baby dinosaur (45 meters long), etc. After flying over the Nazca Lines we will fly to the amazing archaeological remains of the Pyramids of Cahuachi and you will observe 2 newly discovered figures by the Japanese television in 2011, increasing the Nazca Lines mystery, one of them resembles a human head and the other one an unknown animal. To complete the Nazca Lines Discovery, we will take course to the aqueducts, an ancient system of underground canals carrying water across the city, from the air you will appreciate the structure of the open canal design that ancient Nazcans used; on the way back to the airport we will fly over the Paredones, an administrative center of the Inca culture consisting of constructions made of stone that were used by Incas to oversee the valley and rule this land.

The Nazca Lines Discovery tour cost is $ 120.00 USD or S/. 498 PEN per person.

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The Nazca Lines Discovery is offered exclusively by Alas Peruanas, for us the Nazca Lines flight safety is principal, our Cessna aircraft models 206 and 172 are specially designed to fly at low speed, being highly recommended by professional photographers because of their panoramic windows and greater stability in the air.

The Nazca Lines Discovery can only be done from Maria Reiche airport in Nazca.


Complete assistance in English during the whole tour.

  • Transport from the bus terminal in Nascato the Hotel, then to the Airport and to the  Bus station
  • Flight to the Nazca Lines
  • Flight to the Cahuachi Pyramids
  • Flight over the aqueducts
  • Flight over the paredones
  • A souvenir, consisting of a magazine with beautiful photos of the Nazca Lines
  • Flight Certificate
  • A map used as flight guide.
  • One pilot and one tour guide, for the flight


  • Airport tax ($ 10.00 USD)


  • Your Passport not a photocopy
  • Your camera recommended
  • Air sickness medicine, if applicable


To book the Nazca Lines Discovery there must be a minimum of 2 Passengers.  The flights depend on the weather conditions, for safety of passengers.

You must bring your passports because of the security checks.

Nazca Lines Discovery

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