Embark on an unforgettable experience with our "Nasca Lines Discovery Overflight" tour, a fascinating 45-minute aerial journey that will take you to explore the mysterious Nasca Lines and the astonishing Cahuachi pyramids.

Upon your arrival at the airport, our friendly staff will assist you during check-in, carefully verifying your information and weight to ensure a balanced and safe flight. Before takeoff, immerse yourself in knowledge with an informative video providing a deep insight into the Nasca Lines and the culture that created them. Then, you will be guided to the boarding area, where you can anticipate the adventure that awaits.

The Nazca Lines Discovery tour cost is $ 120.00 USD or S/. 498 PEN per person.

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Once authorized by the control tower, we will head towards the enigmatic Nasca Lines, revealing 16 impressive figures such as the monkey (90 meters), the hummingbird (93 meters), the flower (60 meters), the feline (45 meters), and more. After flying over these fascinating figures, we will proceed to the ancient Cahuachi pyramids, the ceremonial center and capital of the ancient Nazcas. There, you will explore pyramid-shaped structures made of mud and discover two figures recently revealed by Japanese television in 2011, one resembling a human head and the other an unknown animal. In addition to the geoglyphs, you will enjoy aerial views of the city of Nasca, the Cantalloc aqueducts testifying to the advanced hydraulic system of the Nasca culture, and the Paredones ruin, highlighting the adobe architecture of the time.

This exclusive Nasca Lines tour is offered by Alas Peruanas, where our primary goal is the safety of your flight. Our fleet of Cessna 207 and 172 aircraft is specifically designed to provide a complete experience, with panoramic windows, stability in the air, and an optimal speed for professional photography.


  • Transportation and assistance to and from:
    • Bus station in Nazca / Airport / Bus station
    • Bus station in Nazca / Airport / Hotel
    • Offices in Nazca / Airport / Office
  • Flight certificate


  • Air Tax (S/. 77.00 SOLES)


  • Your original passport, not a photocopy
  • Your camera (recommended)
  • Medication for airsickness, if applicable.

Note: The flight over the Nasca Lines always depends on the weather conditions for passenger safety. You must present your original passport for security checks..

Nazca Lines Discovery

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