We are going to pick you up from your hotel in Lima (Located in Miraflores or San Isidro), to transfer you to Cruz Del Sur or Oltursa bus station; you are going to take the bus, Touristic Service to Paracas. It takes approximately 4 hrs. When you get to Paracas, there will be a person waiting for you to transfer to The Paracas Harbor, to visit Ballestas Islands.

Tour in Paracas: Ballestas Islands are spectacular islands with many caves and arches, which provide shelter for thousands of seabirds and sea-lions. Even condors have been known to visit. On the shores can be seen large numbers of sea-lions and in the sea it is possible to encounter dolphins and even whales, after visiting the Ballestas Islands we will transfer you to the airport to Fly over the Nazca Lines.

Price Per Person $ 449.00 or S/. 1864 PEN USD

*Optional Service: Transfer Lima Airport – Hotel $ 25.00 USD

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Tour in Paracas: The Nazca Lines flight from Paracas takes 1 h 20 minutes. In that time you will see the following figures: The Astronaut(35 meters), the Monkey (90 meters), The Condor(135 meters), The hummingbird (97 meters), etc.) Before the flight you are going to watch an information video about the different theories of the Lines one of them is Maria Reiche´s Theory; Maria Reiche was the person who studied for more than 50 years, she said that all these lines and figures are the biggest Astronomical Calendar, following them we could summer and winter solstice.

We fly to the right and left side around the figure. It means you are not going to have problem to see the figures.

After flying The Nazca Lines, we are going to transfer you to the bus terminal to take the bus to Lima Touristic Bus.

At the bus Station in Lima, there will be a person waiting for you to transfer to the Hotel (Located in Miraflores or San Isidro) in Lima.


  • 03:00 a.m Transfer from the chosen Hotel in Lima to The bus station.
  • 03:45 a.m Bus Lima / Paracas (Touristic Bus)
  • 07:45 a.m Arrival in Paracas and Transfer to Paracas Harbor.
  • 08:00 a.m Ballestas Islands Tour
  • 13:00 a.m Flight over the Nazca Lines (the flight time depends on the weather condition)
  • 17:30 p.m Transfer to the bus Station
  • 18:00 p.m Bus Paracas - Lima
  • 22:00 p.m Arrival in Lima and transfer to the hotel

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