Nazca Lines Flights

Embark on a captivating journey from your hotel in the Oasis of Huacachina – Ica, where our dedicated driver will escort you in private transportation to the Maria Reiche Nasca Aerodrome. Upon arrival, our attentive counter staff will verify your information and weight. Prior to takeoff, immerse yourself in an informative video detailing various theories about the Lines.

Thirty minutes before your flight, you'll transition to the boarding lounge. Once we receive clearance from the control tower, we'll ascend towards the Nazca Desert, cruising at altitudes of 2500 or 3000 feet (entry altitudes for the Nazca Lines circuit). Our fleet comprises Cessna model 207 aircraft for 6 passengers and 172 aircraft for 2 passengers. Each flight is piloted by a captain and co-pilot to provide you with comprehensive and accurate information about the Lines. We navigate both sides of the figures, ensuring optimal visibility.

Marvel at 14 classic figures such as the Astronaut (135 meters), the hummingbird (97 meters), the monkey (110 meters), the condor (135 meters), and more. Additionally, witness the 6 new figures, including the fish (35 meters), catfish (30 meters), flower (25 meters), circle (77 meters), lizard (50 meters), and frigate (400 meters). During this tour, you'll soar over the city of Nasca, the Cantalloc Aqueducts, and the Paredones Ruins.

Following the flight, our counter team will present you with a certificate, affirming your remarkable experience of flying over the Nasca Lines with us. Subsequently, our personnel will be ready to transport you back to Ica. During the journey, enjoy the Mirador tour, encompassing the Nasca Metallic Lookout, showcasing three figures: tree, hands, and lizard, and the Palpa Metallic Lookout, offering views of Palpa's main figure. Finally, we'll drop you off at your hotel or bus station in Ica as per your preferences or travel itinerary. 

For passengers heading to destinations beyond Ica, such as Lima, Cusco, Arequipa, or others from Nasca, consider visiting the Chachilla Cemetery - Necropolis and the ceramic workshop.

Flight Price $ 180.00 USD or S/. 725 PEN Per Person

Flight Date dd-mm-yyyy

Flying over the Nasca Lines takes 1 hour and 40 minutes in the air from Pisco, upon arrival to the airport, passengers will register in our counter, we will verify your information and then you will proceed to the boarding room 30 minutes before the flight. Once we have received clearance from the control tower, we will depart heading to the Nazca desert climbing to an altitude of 7500 feet, you can enjoy the great view of the ocean and the Paracas bay, to then fly over the sand dunes in Ica, upon arrival the Control tower will clear the airplane to descend to an altitude of either 2500 feet or 3000 feet (entry altitudes for the Nazca Lines Flight), you are going to see 13 figures; The Astronaut(35 meters), the Monkey(110 meters), The Condor(135 meters), The hummingbird (97 meters), etc.) Before the flight you are going to watch an information video about the different theories about the Nazca Lines. Our fleet consists of Cessna Grand Caravan 208; with 12 seats available, we fly with a pilot and a tour guide, to ensure you have complete and accurate information about the Lines; we fly to the right and left side around the figure that means you won’t have any problem observing the figures.

Flight Price $ 290 USD or S/. 1204 PEN Per Person

Flight Date dd-mm-yyyy

Embark on an unforgettable 30-minute journey through the air, flying over the mysterious Nazca Lines. Upon arrival at the airport, our friendly staff will assist you with check-in, verify your information and weight to ensure a balanced and safe flight.

Before the flight, you will have the opportunity to watch an informative video that will provide you with a deep understanding of the Nazca Lines and the culture that created them. Subsequently, you will be guided to the boarding room 30 minutes before takeoff.

Once we receive authorization from the control tower, we will head towards the lines. During the flight, you will appreciate 14 impressive figures, including the Astronaut (135 meters), the Hummingbird (97 meters), the Monkey (110 meters), the Condor (135 meters), and more. Our flights offer views at two levels, 2500 feet and 3000 feet, for an optimal visual experience.

Our fleet consists of Cessna model 207 and Cessna 172 aircraft, all equipped with windows for each seat and with capacity for 6 and 2 passengers respectively, in addition to 2 pilots. The accommodation of passengers is done according to weight for the correct balancing of the plane. During the flight, our co-pilot will provide assistance and information about each figure.

Flight Price $ 80.00 USD or S/. 325 PEN Per Person

Flight Date dd-mm-yyyy

We will pick you up from your hotel at the agreed time and take you to the airport to perform the overflight in Nasca. It is important that you carry your original passport. Upon arriving at the airport, our pilots and counter staff will be waiting for you to reconfirm your data and weigh you in order to balance the plane. Subsequently, you will be provided with the information of your flight time. 

At the airport, you can wait for your flight while watching an informative video about the ancient Nazca civilization and the different theories of the Nasca Lines. After receiving the flight information, you will go to the boarding room 30 minutes before the flight. Once we have received authorization from the control tower, our co-pilot will take you to the plane so you can take photos and receive flight information.

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